King’s College London

  1. BulletHilary has helped with my English for nearly half a year; I wish I had known her much earlier. She helps with my oral English and academic writing. She always carefully listens to me when I am speaking English, pointing out wrong pronunciation and correcting me very patiently. I am starting to correct the mistakes I have been making for the past 20 years. As I am a law research student, the standard of legal writing is strict and tough. Hilary generously shares with me her writing experience obtained from her professional writer career. Her encouragement, patience and kindness make me feel comfortable and confident to improve my English. I appreciate her help very much.

   - Jingyi Wang, PhD candidate, King’s College London School of Law

  1. BulletHilary is the best and most professional language tutor I have ever encountered. We have been working together almost six months, and during this period my written and oral skills have greatly improved. Hilary’s tutorial mainly focuses on two major parts: academic writing and presentation skills. She's a funny and charming teacher with great enthusiasm. Moreover, she provides valuable suggestions on how to write an introduction, how to structure my academic paper, how to polish my language and how to write a good conclusion. Thanks to her help, two of my papers have been published in peer-reviewed journals, providing a solid foundation for my career as an academic.

Although learning grammar and academic writing are so hard for Asian students, like me, Hilary finds the simplest way for students to grasp the rules of writing. Her encouragement and hard work help me build self-confidence. If you are seeking a good language tutor or proofreader, Hilary is highly recommended.

--Peng Wang, PhD candidate, King’s College London School of Law

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Hawaii Campus

  1. BulletHilary is a very organized instructor and I enjoyed being in her class. She is the best instructor I’ve had so far. She is not only carefree in personality but also livens up the class and prevents boredom.

  1. BulletThis course is an absolute must for every student because it prepares them to speak in an organized fashion whenever giving presentations, interviews, etc...

  1. BulletI have learned so much about structure, organization, and the importance of listening as well as speaking. I really loved this course and highly recommend it to anyone who is seeking a professional career.

  1. BulletMrs Wright is a wonderful instructor that I would enjoy to have in the future.

  1. BulletHilary Wright clearly knows and loves the subject! She is enthusiastic and creates an excellent environment for learning. I LOVED her class and teaching style!