SEMINAR ONE: get to grips with grammar

The basic building blocks of language: conquer the comma, master the semicolon, perfect your paragraphs.

SEMINAR TWO: written persuasion

Build on the skills learned in seminar one to write clear and persuasive emails, sales letters, reports...

SEMINAR THREE: persuasive presentations

When you need to face an audience:

  1. Bulletovercome stage fright

  2. Bulletconnect with your audience

  3. Bulletdeliver a persuasive message

Seminars are delivered in-house to a maximum of 10 people. Each full-day seminar includes comprehensive written materials for each delegate.


These one-day seminars help your key staff develop a strong sense of grammar and style. Grammar may seem puzzling from the outside, but with clever teaching and support the skills can be acquired with more ease and speed than you may have thought possible.